Children, parents and staff are expected to treat each other respectfully. Our preschool classrooms cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a  teaching approach the entire district and ECC is using to build positive relationships with children and  to prevent challenging behavior at school.  

The main goals of PBIS consists of: 

• Teaching students the behaviors we expect. 

• Encouraging positive behaviors and interactions 

• Decreasing problem behaviors 

• Create a safe environment for students to achieve academically and socially 

The ECC classrooms are a fun, safe, and comfortable learning environment where we support every child’s social, emotional and behavioral needs. 

Our PBIS/School Mascot is an ECC favorite “Pete the Cat!” We are using Pete to teach the children our important behavioral expectations… 

Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Ready To Learn! 

pete the cat