What makes our program unique:

The integrated classrooms at the Salem Early Childhood Center are designed to meet the needs of three and four- year-old students. Peer partners and children with special needs learn side by side. The implementation of specialized interventions occur naturally without disrupting the curriculum and educational routines of the classroom. Sometimes a skill needs to be taught in smaller steps or practiced longer for the child to achieve success. Support services include: speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, physical therapy, A.B.A. (Applied Behavior Analysis), vision and mobility training, social skills groups, a school adjustment counselor, and sign language. In addition, the Salem Early Childhood Center has an intensive preschool model designed for students with significant social and cognitive delays. Students in this class class have a diagnosis of Autism and/ or intensive global delays. This is a self-contained program with a low student – teacher ratio. The program is centered upon a language-based curriculum with strong emphasis on the use of communication aids to enhance language acquisition. The daily schedule included a typical range of activies structured to enhance academic learning. The curriculum included language lessons incorporated into early literacy, science, social studies, math, life skills, and therapies. Social and play skills instruction is integrated throughout the curriculum.

At the Salem Early Childhood Center we are also firmly grounded in the principles of early childhood development. Each child in the program is regarded as a unique person with an individual pattern and timing of growth. Curriculum and instruction are responsive to these differenced in ability and areas of interest. Different levels of development and a variety of learning styles are expected, accepted and used to design appropriate curriculum. We identify, nurture, and treasure each child’s strengths and abilities.

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